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A Different Kind of Garage Door Company...

Honest Fair Professional

"No Lies - No Inflated Sale Prices"


Done Right Fair is a different kind of Garage Door Company. We are unlike many other companies that install and repair garage doors, for that matter, most all other trades. We only use quality products and take pride in workmanship like professional trades practiced years ago.

We spend the time it takes to make sure the job is Done Right the first time, at a Fair price. We will adjust the door, lubricate everything, check the safety reverse on the opener, and look for unsafe items. New doors will be wiped down front & back including the windows. Our Technician will explain complete door care and leave a quality checklist to insure we did not forget anything.

Did you know most companies set your sales price by your zip code and where you live? Oh yes they do! Beware of the coupons others offer, they inflate $100 but give you $50.00 off! Wow such a deal! you've been had. That is just one more example of why we are different and very proud we are. Where you live or how big or small your house is should have nothing to do with the price you pay. This is why we post our pricing and most of the sharks do not.

A lot of companies reward their employees with a percentage of the parts and service they sell. Our Technicians do not receive a percentage from parts and service so they are not motivated to sell you products and services you don't need. We believe that if you are satisfied, you will refer us to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. We reward our Technicians with a bonus when our happy customers give us referrals.

Our goal is to have 100% satisfied customers, that's what builds long lasting business relationships. That's what we are all about.