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As with most trades today, including Garage Door dealers, so many are out there doing the same thing. How do you know how to choose the right one? How do you know if they are selling you the right product or just lining their pocket with an extra sale? Do they even know what they are doing? Can they do it right? Are they charging you more for a repair than it costs for the whole door system?

This is what's going on every day in the Garage Door industry. It is so wide spread across the country today that a task force has been assembled. A growing problem that is only getting bigger. The International Door Association [IDA] and The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association [DASMA] have announced a joint task force to address this growing problem. This joint effort is exploring ways to protect consumers from disreputable practices and help reputable dealers combat this wide spread problem.

Some of these companies will show up in a compact car with a ladder hanging out of the window, no signs on the car for identification. They come ready to overcharge and sell you parts that do not need replacing. On top of that, they do a substandard job. The multi-state Door Companies spend thousands and thousands on advertising. Using inflated sale prices and phony promises, they prey on the unknowing and sell them a $700.00 Spring Change and an $800.00 Garage Door Opener. They do it every day. It's not illegal to charge what they can. It's just not right on all levels. Morally, professionally it's just plain wrong.

As soon as the task force has the several short videos and consumer educational tools available [First Quarter 2017], Done Right Fair will post them on this website. We are committed to providing professional work, quality products and the best warranties in the industry. We are committed to protecting consumers from the sharks waiting for your phone call.

To choose us is a choice you will be glad you did year after year. We look forward to serving and protecting you.

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